Premier Clinical Research Institute (PCRI) is a private clinical research organization located in the heart of Miami - serving Dade / Broward and Monroe counties. We perform numerous FDA supervised investigational clinical studies in hopes to improve medical care through clinical research. Our principal goal is to adhere to the highest standards, provide quality service and to help people around the world have healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Under the direction of Michael C. Piercey, MD, our efficient clinical research team is recognized in their respective fields with many years of experience. PCRI success has been driven by strong leadership, and its ability to attract and retain remarkably talented staff members. They have knowledge in a wide variety of areas and are well-informed in federal regulations, good clinical practice (GCP) and institutional requirements and policies.

We continuously perform new studies, and can help you find out if you qualify for one of our clinical trials. Whether you want more information, are interested in alternative treatments for an existing mental health or medical condition, need to seek care due to lack of health insurance, would like to receive a second opinion or simply want to assist in the evolution of science, you are helping build medical therapies that may someday offer better treatments for a variety of illnesses.

The studies we are conducting involve people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds who are dealing with mental illness or other medical conditions. Our objective is to assist patients, family members and caregivers, understand the different disorders and how best to deal with them and perhaps, eventually live better and healthier lives.

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