we strive to promote leadership and highest standards in clinical research and related areas of healthcare

Premier Clinical Research Institute is dedicated to strengthening public understanding and confidence in clinical research. We actively search for new ways to improve the health of our patients. PCRI recruits volunteers for clinical research in an effort to answer specific questions about medications. Through clinical research it is determined if experimental uses of new or existing medications are safe and effective. Our participants receive medical and psychiatric evaluations from our clinical staff, in addition to other relevant information, support and treatment for psychiatric illnesses as well as many other medical conditions. Participation is always voluntary and completely confidential. Those who qualify are carefully monitored over the course of participation to ensure their safety and well-being and the effectiveness of their treatment.


  • Adhere to the highest standards, provide quality service and also help people around the world have healthier and more fulfilling lives.
  • Provide leadership within the Clinical Research Community.
  • Continuously improve our methods and knowledge to provide new solutions to our client’s needs.
  • Lead the growth of standards that improve effectiveness while supporting the scientific nature of clinical research.
  • Be cost-effective and helpful in bringing new treatments to patients as quickly as possible.
  • Work together with our clients in performing research that benefits the practice of medicine.

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