Clinically, many patients with AD show no response or minimal response to antipsychotics for symptoms of agitation/aggression or psychosis, or they have intolerable side effects on these medications. Antipsychotics have a wide range of side effects, including the risk of increased mortality (60-70% higher rate of death on antipsychotic compared to placebo). In addition, some patients show only partial response to antipsychotics and symptoms persist. For these reasons, investigators need to study alternative treatment strategies. Currently, there is no FDA-approved medication for the treatment of psychosis or agitation in AD.

No Insurance Necessary & Participation is Confidential


  • Be Male or female between 50 to 75 years of age.
  • Living in an institutionalized or non-institutionalized setting where they are not living alone.
  • Must have a guardian/caregiver who spends a minimum of 2 hours per day for 4 days per weeks with subject.
  • Diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s disease

* At screening visit, additional criteria will be reviewed to determine eligibility for the study.

Qualified Participants Receive:

  • All study related exams and lab work
  • Investigational study medication at no cost
  • Complimentary transportation
  • No insurance necessary
  • Compensation for patient and for guardian/ caregiver if qualified

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